Work smarter. Join us for a program in The Efficient Professional Seminar Series, hosted in three different Indianapolis locations.

Drama Free Employee Discussions

Thursday December 17, 2015 - One of the most difficult tasks managers face is engaging and motivating their employees to improve performance. Join Cindy Allen-Stuckey for an engaging conversation about transforming team behavior. Sorry! This event has already passed.

Helping Leaders and Teams Resolve Conflict

Thursday November 19, 2015 - Disagree with your colleagues? Think that’s a problem? Join Thresette Briggs to learn why conflict could be innovative for your organization. Sorry! This event has already passed.

Speaking to Sell

Thursday October 15, 2015 - Learn the essential elements of using speaking to effectively grow your business. Whether you’re selling a service or a tangible product this session you’ll learn how to sell by speaking. Sorry! This event has already passed.

Coaching for Development of Future Leaders

Thursday September 17, 2015 - Developing strong future leaders is one of the most critical components of a sustainable organization, and organizations that support a culture of coaching possess the capacity to build even stronger leaders. Sorry! This event has already passed.