Rhoda Israelov

Rhoda Israelov

With 35 years’ experience as a wordsmith, Rhoda Israelov has things to say about the things companies, organizations, and practitioners are saying to their online visitors, customers, clients, and donors.

Following her retirement from a career as a financial advisor, (during which her weekly column was published in the Indianapolis Business Journal and later the Indianapolis Star for a combined 25 years), Rhoda founded the now ten-year-old Say It For You, an online marketing and content creation company.

Rhoda and her team of expert writers are very proud of the 25,000 unique blog posts that now populate the internet on the websites of Say it For You clients, and of the many thousands of social media posts, newsletters, and press releases created for business owners.

A seasoned seminar leader and past president of the Indiana Chapter of the National Speakers Association, Rhoda’ now devotes her presentations to explaining the promotional, credibility, and SEO benefits of blogging, and to teaching attendees practical skills that can sharpen the focus of their marketing initiatives.

To book Rhoda Israelov call +1.888.200.9387 or email sales@accelawork.com

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